Looking For Gig Harbor Events?

Check out the What’s Good Gig Harbor Facebook page to find all of the best venues and events to find fun things to do in and around the Gig Harbor area.

What You'll Discover When You Join What's Good Gig Harbor

Family Friendly Activities

“What’s Good Gig Harbor” Facebook group is a valuable resource for locals seeking family-friendly activities. By providing a platform for Gig Harbor community members to share events, recommendations, and tips, the group streamlines the process of discovering engaging and suitable activities for families in the area.

Local Events & Festivals

The Pacific Northwest has a never-ending stream of cool stuff to do! But let’s face it, it can be a real hassle trying to keep track of them all, right?

From the latest concerts to the tastiest farm tours, they’ve got it all covered. No more scrambling to find out what’s going on. Hop on over to What’s Good Gig Harbor to learn about the latest concerts to the tastiest farm tours. 

Day Trips

There are so many amazing places to explore, from charming coastal towns to breathtaking national parks.

What’s Good Gig Harbor is like your personal guide to the best day trips around Gig Harbor and beyond. Whether you’re craving a scenic drive along the coast, a hike through lush forests, or a visit to quaint small towns, they’ve got all the insider tips and recommendations you need.


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